Knowing your skin type is important for choosing the best skin care

Knowing your skin type is important to choose the most adapted skin care, because all products do not contain the same active ingredients.

Contrary to common ideas that have long led to believe that if we had oily skin, it was not necessary to moisturize, know that this is totally wrong! Even oily skin needs hydration as a dry skin, but the ingredients in the product will be specific in that the skin must be hydrated, not nourished.

As well as in a product for dry skin, an oil (e.g. apricot kernel) may be present. This does not suit at all oily skin, which does not need to intake of fat.

We will help you know your skin type in less than a minute.


Recognize a dry skin

Your skin feels tight, especially on the cheeks? It is prone to dryness. Your face is sensitive to wind, cold and external aggression, quickly becomes red and reflects little light. It seems drained and lack of elasticity. It is prone to cracking and often feels tight …

Diagnostic : Dry Skin Care

Recognize a oily skin

Your skin shines two hours after washing? You notice that the appearance of your skin is shiny, especially the forehead, nose and chin (area called “median” or “T”) and the pores of your skin are dilated. You have pimples and blackheads in the same area …

Diagnostic : Oily Skin Care

Recognize a balanced skin

Your skin is thin and its appearance is bright? The pores are less visible. It is not oily, even if it has small reflections in the evening at the sides of the nose, chin and forehead …..

Diagnostic : Balanced Skin Care

Recognize a skin lacking firmness

Year after year your skin becomes drier and begins to wrinkle, to relax? You notice the presence of signs of fatigue such as dark circles, for example. The skin lacks elasticity when you pinch your fingers. The complexion is dull, the skin is dry …..

Diagnostic : Anti-Aging Care