The new WORLD WILD MEN range.

WWM … 4 years already … and the new World Wild Men range.

After four years it was time to offer something new. Obviously, since October 2010 when we launched the brand, we have not stood idly by, we released a facial cleanser in 2011 and two shower gels late 2012. And in 2013, nothing … You might have thought that we had forgotten you. Actually not at all, and even … quite the contrary. We have collected a number of returns, and husked the positives and the negatives.

We found a number of points:

Some of you, especially those with combination or oily skin wanted lighter textures.
Others, including in our team, thought that our anti-aging was a bit greasy.
We also wanted to make it more effective in the fight against wrinkles.
The cleansing gel has sold very well, but we would have liked it a little more easy to rinse.
I spend voluntarily on the positives, because of course it is the reason why we continue to get up every day in a good mood. But the above points could be improved. If we have shown you nothing new in 2013, in 2014 we do not present a new product … but five. It’s simple, we’ve thought of everything: we kept what you liked, and improved everything else to create the new World Wild Men range.

The entire new World Wild Men range is now certified by Ecocert.
All treatments now include soothing active to fight more effectively against razor burn.
Balanced skin care and oily skin care have a very fluid texture, light and refreshing.
Oily skin care is enriched with active sebaceous regulator to limit the production of sebum (and thus the brightness of the skin).
The 4 treatments will leave your skin even more soft.
The anti-aging is enriched with hyaluronic acid to be more hydrating.
The facial cleanser is even cooler and rinses off easily while remaining ultra soft.
All plants used are organic, as well as essential oils that make up our perfumes.
The entire range is designed and manufactured in France, including the packaging.
It is necessarily very short but the feedback we got from the new range World Wild Men is very positive, and strengthen us in our sense of purpose. Next month we will have samples for all of our creams, available on our website. We hope you take as much pleasure to use them as we had making it.