A new step… lowered prices !!

When we created World Wild Men in 2010, our goal was to bring quality, organic, made in France skincare, and at an acceptable price (keep in mind that we produce in small series and the organic ingredients are extremely expensive, so manufacturing costs are absolutely incommensurable with those manufacturers who produce for the mass market …). Nevertheless we had to raise our prices for reasons related to distribution : everybody in the distribution chain (the producer –us –, the distributor, and the final reseller) need to make profits, and our products were so expensive to manufacture that some distributors offered us to buy them cheaper than their production costs… So we had to play the game and increase our retail prices so that the various intermediaries could be remunerated. Had the products been sold very well we would have said : why not … But … not only some customers started to consider them overpriced, but mostly we found that many resellers were waiting for the brand to make the sale happen by promotions, trade, even downright pays salespersons to go sell within outlets. For instance if you go to a very famous perfumery shop on the Champs-Elysees, you will see salespeople wearing a badge not of the shop, but of one of the brands sold locally. This means that sellers of the shop do not do the sales work. This is the brand that finance this sales activity. How do you imagine a small brand can compete? It is absolutely impossible to finance this kind of thing if we want to continue to manufacture and sell quality products. Our products are organic and produced entirely (down to the bottles) in France. Clearly we prefer to invest in R&D, in quality, durable products, which pays for jobs in France rather than in advertising and marketing. And so…? We noticed that we can not develop our distribution network without a big marketing budget. A French dealer recently told us that if we did not have between €500,000 and €1 million to invest in advertising (only for France …) we had no chance of success. So we have two solutions: one is to shut down the company (it would be a pity), one is to make business directly with end customers, without dealers. Of course this is the second solution that we will choose. What does that mean?
  • Drawback :
You won’t find our products in a shop near you.
  • And benefits :
You can always order directly online 24/7 and receive personalized advice also almost 24/7 (some of you ask us questions by email and we always take the time to answer each one personally …). And the best part … since we have no more dealers, there is no need to charge you their margin. Which means BIG price cuts on all our range. This is a bet we do, we hope you will be happy and you will support us. Tell your friends about us, tell them about our approach. We often talk to focus on direct distribution circuits. This is exactly what we will do.   Thank you again for your loyalty, pamper yourself, and good shopping on www.worldwildmen.com!

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